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The Capacitor’s Future
Classification: Industry news Announce the date: 2005-06-30 Times of view: 5987
The Capacitor’s Future
The future for capacitors looks good. A constant search is going on by companies like Murate,Kemet,etc.Kemet in particular is researching a new type of a dielectric substance called Niobium.Niobium Pentoxide (Nb205) offers a higher dielectric constant of 41 in comparison to Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta205) at 26.It implies that approximately 1.5 more CV (Capacitance x Voltage rating) can be obtained from the same amount of material,everything else being equal.What does this mean in plain English? Much smaller capacitors with larger capacity,especiallly important in surface mount technology.Recently, a new type capacitor with very high capacitance has been developed with capacitance designated in Farads! Yes,you read it well,Farads.This type of Electric Double Layer capacitor is known as a “Super Capacitor”.I am sure we haven’t heard the last of it about this type.

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