Year 2005
Topmay took part in The German Munich International technique and communication exhibition with series products which include new type switch, LAN card, sound card, modem, router and Metallized Polypropylene Film X2 capacitor etc, winning extensive concern.
Topmay changed name registered formally, the " Topmay" becomes the permanent legal trademark of the company's series products.
Attended the International Technique Exposition held in Shenzhen (CITEX).
Year 2004
Topmay promoted series of USB flash disc continuously, the MP3 attracted new and old customers by its novel design and reliable quality.
Relying on its qualified quality and competitive price, the Topmay series electronics capacitors got a big order from a famous German IT company, which symbolizes the series capacitors have already gained the franchisee's affirmant.
Attended the International Technique Exposition held in Shenzhen with series network products.
Attended the International Electronic Exposition held in Beijing with series of electronics products.
Attended the International Technique Exposition held in Guangzhou with series of electronics products and
Year 2003
Passed the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System Attestation smoothly.
Topmay took part in The German Munich International technique and communication exhibition for the first time with series products, and began set its foot to international market.
The Metallized Polypropylene Film X2 electric capacitor completes eight countries' safety attestation.
Started a series of promotion activity for capacitors and computer products, which attracted wildly attention of the same field.
Topmay attended Malaysia International Electronic Exhibition held in Peking with series of products.
Year 2002
The enterprise's identifying project was formally put into practice, and the new sign and now Chinese name of the company (Shenzhen Topmay Industrial Co., Ltd) were put into use formally.
Topmay attended the International Technique Exposition held in Shenzhen and gained a good fame among distributors.
Realized the great transaction reform from “ emphasize on domestic market” to “emphasize on international market, domestic market auxiliary"
Year 2001
Our Company's team was enlarged further.
Our factory added the factory premises 8000 square meters, the production scale further extended.
Developed a series of products adapting to the main current of market. The area of our products began move forward from middle-low scale into high scale.
Attended Malaysia International Electronic Exhibition, which was hold in Peking.
Year 2000
The factory moved to premises of Long Hua Area of Shenzhen City, moving forward to large-scale producing.
Passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Attestation smoothly, first established the complete quality guarantees system.
Year 1999
Company headquarters moved to Futian Commercial center of Shenzhen City, occupying beneficial geography, and formed mighty marketing network.
Various products quota in the market extends quickly both in domestic and international market.
Established two ceramic capacitor's producing lines.
We have more than 600 regional distributors to cooperate and make improvement.
Year 1998
SHENZHEN TOPMAY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. was established formally, and the factory was set to running and producing.
The company's production began with a certain scale.



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