We are a large family that is young and harmonious, and also a excellent team with great vigor, efficient work and diligence. Our members have solid knowledge foundation, well-trained business skill and perfect mastery of technology. For example, among the 12 members in the international business department, more than 92% colleagues hold bachelor or even master degree. The talented person is the substantial supporter of a company's development. Accompanying with Topmay's becoming stronger and stronger, more and more companions who are trustworthy, precise, professional and creative, and who have good command of management, production, sales and service, have came out to us, and which contributes to us the basic intelligence guarantees to occupy our industry commanding heights one by one.

We make every effort to search and to employ the most excellent person for every position, because we understand that there will be no excellent company without the excellent employees. Topmay must be able to attract, reserve and mobilize each employee of different background and different standpoint, for the sake of educating and developing our creating consciousness and creating ability.

We have already built up a scientific and effective mechanism of competition, in which everyone is able to keep perfect and to develop his self-culture and business character. Under the flag of “help to innovate, continue to overstep”, we encourage every person to show his best. The qualification of promotion is due to one's ability and accomplishment. We think that diversification is extremely a necessary.

We consistently emphasize the team spirit. So while we keep encouraging the personal creation, we also encourage team cooperation. Because only harmonious teamwork can we obtain the most ideal result. We never accept those who place his benefits over the company's and even over the customers. And we keep in mind that this is a very important factor of Topmay's success.

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